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Your car’s starter motor takes a real hammering from having to get the engine running in all weathers. But the heat, cold and damp all take their toll, and mean that, sometimes, it can just give up the ghost, leaving getting a new starter motor fitted as your only option.

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What Is A Starter Motor?

This is the part which has the job of getting your car’s engine turning at the high speed needed for it to be able to suck fuel and air into the cylinders, and then compress them. It’s the compression of this mixture which causes the explosive reaction which happens hundreds of times a minute inside your engine and enables it to run properly..

How Does A Starter Motor Work?

The starter needs a strong electric current, which it receives through thick wires connecting it to your car’s battery. The motor acts as a kind of switch, capable of handling this current, which has to be turned on and off very quickly to avoid dangerous, damaging sparking. So a solenoid is used - an arrangement where a small switch turns on an electromagnet to complete the circuit.

When you turn the key or press the starter button in your car, this feeds current to a solenoid, then as soon as you release the key it springs back and turns the starter switch off. When the switch feeds current to the solenoid, the electromagnet attracts an iron rod. When this moves, it closes the gap between two heavy contacts, so the circuit between the battery and the starter is completed.

Your car’s starter motor is a heavy consumer of power from your car’s battery, so if it is forced to work harder than necessary, this will take its toll on the battery itself.

Cost Of Starter Motor Repair

Starter motor repair costs will vary depending on a number of factors. The model and age of your car will be two of these, as this will influence how easy it will be for your mechanic to source the parts needed, or indeed, a complete new starter motor.

Repeated attempts to re-start a starter motor can also result in it being burnt out. The starter motor may also continue to run while the engine is running, in which case you’ll hear a whining noise. This is another instance where a starter repair may be feasible, and work out more economical than a complete starter motor replacement. As a general rule, it is likely to work out at up to 30 per cent cheaper than a full replacement.

Getting starter motor repair cost quotes through MyCarNeedsA.com removes the need for you to do the shopping around yourself. Instead, you can just post your requirements, wait for our repair specialists to provide their estimates, then pick the starter motor repair quote which best suits you.

Cost To Replace Starter Motor

But for complete peace of mind, you should opt for starter motor replacement and know that the start motor cost for replacement may be a lot cheaper than its repair. This is because a repair may not come with any warranty, or, if it does, it will be far shorter than what you will get with a replacement starter motor.

Starter motors are very delicate pieces of machinery, and as with any similar component, you should always bear in mind that a replacement starter motor may work out more economical in the long-term than any starter motor repair, as there is no certainty that the same fault will not recur, leaving you back at square one.

You can save time and trouble by requesting starter motor replacement quotes using MyCarNeedsA.com. Enter details of your needs, then wait for our registered repairers to get in touch. You’re then free to arrange the supply and fitting of your replacement starter motor when it’s convenient for you.

Don’t hang around in finding the solution to your starter motor cost problems - register with MyCarNeedsA.com, enter your vehicle’s details, and then our repair partners will know whether they can help you, and will provide you with quotes for starter motor replacement.


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