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Receive quotes instantly with MyCarNeedsA.com to see how much you can save on your panel beater costs on your car or vehicle.

MyCarNeedsA.com gather quotes from the most trusted car and car repair garages near you in order to get your panel beating and body work done quickly and cost effectively. Panel Beating is one of the most common repairs repairs as almost everyone will encounter a scratch or bump in their car. Therefore, why don’t you just take the stress out of sorting it out and get a quote using MyCarNeedsA.com.

What Is A Panel Beater?

Typically, a panel beater is a specialism of car repair in which the job is to beat out the bodywork of a car or other vehicles. Many times, this is referred to car body repair, but is more specific to the damage done to the car’s body.

Panel Beating Costs

The cost of panel beating all depends on two factors: Firstly, the extent of the damage on your car’s body; and secondly, the cost of labour. If the damage is only a small bump in the corner of your car, then the cost will be around £100. However, this can cost up to a few hundred pound if the damage to the car is great.

Panel Beating Process

There are many skills which a panel beater specialist uses to fix up a car’s body from damages. A couple of these have been described below:

Planishing - Planishing is one of the most common forms of panel beating which is a metalworking technique. This is done by finishing the car’s surface by smoothly shaping a sheet of metal. A planishing panel hammer is the main tool used to carry out this metalworking technique.

Welding - Welding is also one of the most common metalworking techniques and it done by fusing metals together in order to restore the car’s body back to its full glory. This is done if the damage to the car’s body is more extensive to fix in simple planishing.

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