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When you need to shape up and arrange car body repairs, let MyCarNeedsA.com make it easy for you.

Once you’ve registered with us - which takes just a couple of minutes - you can post details of your car body repair job, and then sit back and wait for specialists in your area to submit their quotes.

So you’re saved the time and hassle of having to trawl around your area looking for a car body shop to do your repair job, and you can choose the quote which is right for you. You can pick from the car body shops which bid for your work on the basis of their quoted price for the work, how conveniently they’re located for you, or the reviews which they’ve received from other genuine MyCarNeedsA.com customers

Once you’ve accepted a car body repair quote, you’re then free to arrange with the garage submitting your chosen bid when the job is done. You can also negotiate the loan of a courtesy car while yours is being repaired if you wish.

You might never know whether there’s a trusted and reputable car body repair shop in your area until you actually need one. And by using MyCarNeedsA.com, you can save yourself from having to go around the houses to find it, and book your car body repair and car body paint job.

Save both time and money by posting the details of the car body repairs you need on our site, then wait for the quotes to starting coming in. You’re then in the driving seat, and can decide which approved MyCarNeedsA.com repair shop you use.

SMART Repairs

Many of the car body shops signed up with us also offer ‘SMART repairs’, which use the latest technology to fix smaller dents and scratches, as well as upholstery and trim damage without the need to replace any parts. So where a SMART repair is feasible, it’s quicker, cheaper and more convenient than a car body shop fix.

You too - or at least your car or van - can have a body beautiful again in no time and with minimum hassle by using MyCarNeedsA.com. What are you waiting for? Search ‘bodywork garage near me’ or ‘car accident repairs near me’ and post your car body repair request today. Get genuine quotes from specialists local to you.

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