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Looking after your car wheel alignment is important for several reasons. Wheel alignment will reduce your tyre wear, fuel consumption and ensure you have a smoother journey in your car. Wheel alignment will also affect the suspension and steering of the vehicle, so having your wheels aligned is important to practice safe driving. There are a few ways you can spot wheel alignment problems

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How can you tell your wheels need to be aligned?

Wheel alignment issues will be apparent to the car owner when there is constant uneven tyre wear. If you are noticing one tyre is always a bit more worn than the others or perhaps the wear is inconsistent with the rest of the tyres, this is a clear sign that your wheel alignment is off and it needs to be corrected.

You will feel the difference in the steering wheel. For example, if the steering wheel pulls to one side, this is the easiest way to identify your car needs the wheel alignment adjusted. Another indicator is if the steering wheel is vibrating and jittery.

Maybe you have noticed that the vehicle is pulling to one side or perhaps you have heard your tyres screeching? If this sounds familiar, why not get quotes for your wheel alignment through MyCarNeedsA.com.

Wheel Alignment can be caused by minor and major impact to the tyres, such as hitting a kerb, a pothole or if your car has been in an accident.

Four Wheel Alignment

Four-wheel alignment ensures that both sets of wheels (front and rear) are parallel. Garages use state of the art equipment to align the wheels, ensuring your vehicle performs to its full potential.

Four Wheel Alignment is renowned for its meticulousness, as it involves the use of specialist technology and a trained mechanic. The technology measures multiple points in the car by using sensors to help guide the tyres into the optimum position.

Front wheel alignment involves a concentration of just the front two wheels, which tends to be the most common type of wheel alignment that is requested through MyCarNeedsA.com. A front wheel alignment job adjusts the alignment of the front wheels to the manufacturers standard meaning that the car will drive balanced on a flat road.

If your car needs the wheels aligned, try getting quotes for your car today. All you need is your registration and a few details then garages near you will quote on your car.

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