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.Does your car need a service and MoT? A full service and MoT includes a comprehensive check of the vehicle as well as all the essential fluids replaced, and the spark plugs are changed if necessary. The mechanic will also carry out an inspection on the vehicle to see if there are any other repairs that are needed. All garages should call the car owner and advise of any car repairs before carrying out the work. Once the mechanic ensures that the car is in good order the vehicle is then put through the MoT test.

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Booking your servicing and MoT together has many advantages. Booking in for servicing and MoT together means you are spending less time getting them done separately and therefore less hassle. Booking your servicing and MoT together also saves you on costs as garages will typically offer a package deal for both together. If your car gets a service before the MoT test it is much more likely to pass as the inspector has had a chance to review the car and advise on any repairs before the car is put through its MoT test.

A full service and MoT is the easiest way to uncover any underlying issues in the car. Mechanics have had the chance to inspect the car in great depth and check all the major components to ensure they are all functioning the way they should and are well lubricated.

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