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When you need mechanic quotes for car repairs from approved car mechanics and car repair shops, Mycarneedsa.com is the only place you need to look. Why waste time hunting around for a car repair price list when you can get trusted quotes from us.

We’re here to take the hassle out of getting car repair quotes, by letting you detail the exact work you need, and then getting our approved car mechanics, repairers and service providers to bid for your job. If you do not know what's wrong with your car, you could be better getting your car serviced, as this will mean all the main systems are checked, and thereby sourced of faults be traced.

Our recommended repairers are all ranked according to the satisfaction scores they receive from other Mycarneedsa.com customers, so you can be sure that your car repair will be carried out by a trusted specialist.

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So don’t risk blowing a gasket with all the inconvenience of trawling around any number of garages yourself to find the best car repair deals or unreliable car repair estimates - just let Mycarneedsa.com do the legwork for you, then all you have to do is choose the one that’s right for you by choosing a mechanic quote.

5 Categories of damage
There are five levels of damage used by the insurance industry to describe cars that have been involved in accidents. These levels, or categories as they're more commonly known, are labelled as A, B, C, D and F.

Cat F refers to a vehicle that has suffered fire damage. The other four 'Cats', A to D, all relate to cars that have had various levels of crash damage, and that are registered as such.

Cat A is the worst of the four, where a vehicle is so damaged that it cannot even be used for salvage and should be crushed.

Cats B and C mean that the vehicle has been heavily damaged and the insurance company has chosen not to go ahead with the repairs. Cat C cars are usually capable of being salvaged if the repairs are carried out correctly.

Cat D is the least serious category. It usually means that the vehicle has suffered light damage but the insurance company's decision to repair it is dependent on the cost of the repairs and the value of the vehicle.

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