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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Are you starting to notice hairline cracks in one of your alloy wheels or perhaps you have major damage to your alloy? Maybe you have been in an accident or your alloys are just a bit worse for wear. Alloy wheel refurbishment is a great way to restore your alloys back to their original condition without having the costs of buying a new set of alloy wheels.

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How It’s Done

Alloy wheels are susceptible to damage, even the slightest bit of impact can cause damage and your alloy wheels will need refurbished. To start the process of alloy wheel refurbishment involves prepping the alloy for the procedure, typically this involves sanding and carefully filing the rim to even out the surface and smooth out any cracks and scratches. A primer is then used to protect the alloy against corrosion or rust, this also helps when harsh chemicals are used to clean the alloy, a good primer will protect the rim. Then the alloy wheel is ready for painting and LED lamps are used to seal or cure the paint coat.

As you can see alloy wheel refurbishment is quite a technical job and is best done by a highly skilled technician or mechanic who has the experience of repairing alloys. Start your search for your alloy wheel refurbishment though MyCarNeedsA.com

Advantages of Getting Your Alloy Wheel Refurbished

There are more advantages to having your alloy wheels refurbished than simply restoring your wheels and making them look the part. Having your alloy wheels refurbished is cheaper than buying new alloy wheels and even if the damage seems pretty bad most alloy wheel specialists will be able to advise a technique to restore them.

If you are considering trading your car in or reselling, having damage to your alloys can really affect the valuation of your car. Any major cracks or scuffs will be noted, and they will devalue the vehicle, although having your alloys refurbished can add value to your trade in cost towards your new car.

How it works with MyCarNeedsA.com

MyCarNeedsA.com can help source garages near you that can provide alloy wheel refurbishment quotes online. Start the process by typing in your registration plate, select alloy wheel repair and tell us some of your details so we can match you to garages nearby and then just wait as the quotes are sent directly to you.

With MyCarNeedsA.com you can even upload a photo of the damage to your alloy wheel, so the service provider can give more accurate costs and they can assess the extent of the damage to your alloy wheel. It’s really easy, try getting quotes for your alloy wheel refurbishment today through MyCarNeedsA.com.

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