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Keeping inside fresh and cool in summer, and helping you de-mist your windows more quickly in winter, car air conditioning performs vital functions which can make you and your passengers more comfortable and safer on every journey, all year round.

How To Tell If Car Air Con Breaks

When your car air con isn’t working as effectively as possible, you can find it more than just an inconvenience - it could affect how quickly you can get your windows clear so that you can see properly for driving safely. One of the biggest causes of car air conditioning system problems is a build-up of bacteria, and if you’ve ever experienced what this can be like at its worst, you won’t forget it - it can result in some fairly unpleasant smells hanging around the inside of your car.

What’s worse, car air con servicing isn’t included in all manufacturers’ maintenance schedules, so it won’t necessarily be attended to when your vehicle is undergoing its annual inspection. But it’s recommended that you should get a car air conditioning system check at least every two years. This involves recharging the system with fresh gas and lubricant.

What Happens When You Leave Your Air Conditioning Off?

In addition, if you don’t use your car air conditioning for a long period, it will become more prone to that bacteria build-up, so you could start to notice some suspect smells all the sooner.

That’s why, if you start to notice any damp smells, or that your car’s windows don’t clear as quickly as you’d expect when you’re using your air conditioning, you should turn to MyCarNeedsA.com to request a car aircon repair or service.

What To Do When Car Air Con Breaks

You can then be spared the bother of getting quotes for a local car air conditioning repair from a range of franchised dealers, national fast-fit chain and local independent garages, as they can submit their quotes for servicing and recharging your car air con directly.

It’s then up to you to choose the one you want to use. So in no time at all, your car can go from smelly to being fresh as a daisy. Register as a Mycarneedsa.com user and post your car air con servicing request with us today.

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