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Shock Absorber Replacement

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How to tell if your car shock absorbers need replacing?

Shock absorbers keep tyres in contact with the road by regulating the movement of springs in a vehicle’s suspension. Essentially, the shock absorbers control the amount of bouncing created when the springs rebound. Shock absorbers are as safety-critical as airbags and brakes, therefore, it’s important to have your shock absorbers regularly checked. We have listed several noticeable signs that indicate your shock absorbers need to be replaced:

  • Unusual noises or rattles over bumps or dips in the road
  • Longer stopping distance by up to 20%
  • Car dips or swerves under braking
  • Steering wheel vibrations
  • Sliding or veering across the road in mild winds
  • Aquaplaning because of worn tyres
  • Bald patches or uneven tyre wear

A simple way of testing whether your car’s shock absorbers need replacing is to do a bounce test. If the car bounces more than once when downward pressure is applied to the bonnet of the car, this would signify that the car’s shock absorbers need to be replaced.

What problems can a broken shock absorber cause?

Faulty or worn shock absorbers can wreak havoc and make your car unsafe to drive. This will have a negative impact on car handling, steering, and braking, not to mention, you may endanger yourself and others. If you ignore the problem, wear and tear will eventually run the car into the ground.

What to do when your car shock absorber breaks?

It’s best to take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic if you notice anything unusual. If you’re not sure that your shock absorbers are working properly, the best thing to do is to get in contact with one of our local service providers. One final note: if you’re replacing a shock absorber, it’s almost always best to replace the pair (fronts or rears) because the imbalance may become dangerous. Receive quotes instantly with MyCarNeedsA.com to see how much you can save on your shock absorber replacement.

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