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Does your car need a set of winter wheels to get you through the harsher weather conditions? By changing your wheels to winter wheels when you are faced with difficult driving conditions winter wheels ensure you have a better grip of the road and therefore your driving will be a lot safer.

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Winter tyres have the capability of holding a softer rubber even at really low temperatures, the winter wheel itself is designed in such a way that the thread pattern has zig zags, crosses and deep grooves to assist the tyre in getting a grip of the road even through snow and ice. The shapes that are embedded in the winter tyre allow the water and snow to travel up and out of the tyre, allowing the driver to have a better stopping distance and also helps when accelerating from a stationary position.

Winter wheels optimum performance happens when the temperature is below 7 degrees which is roughly half of the year in the UK (October to March). Driving with winter wheels on in warmer months can actually have the opposite effect, they can wear easier and reduce the grip.

Another option is all season tyres which offer a mid-way option of winter wheels and summer tyres. The Rubber is made slightly differently and is designed to have a long thread life even in warmer weather, they are great for non-freezing environments and perform for longer than average.

Winter tyres are a good idea for people in the UK to use for the six months out of the year when the weather drops below 7 degrees. Winter tyres can be kept at home in the summer and when the bad weather comes around again you can get them put back on.

If your car needs a set of winter wheels then why not try and get a quote to compare prices, reviews and location of your next winter tyre fitting. MyCarNeedsA.com also have multiple fast fit tyre centres, dealerships and independent garages who can offer winter wheel deals. Try it today.

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