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MyCarNeedsA.com allows you to search and compare a network of over 4000 dealers, fast-fit chains and independent garages easily. It’s a simple 3 step process. First, we need your reg and just a couple of details about your car and window regulator. Next, local Toyota experts will send you quotes. And finally, all you need to do is choose the one that best suits your budget and location. Simple! Start comparing with MyCarNeedsA.com today!

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Window regulators are usually operated by a button and are more commonly referred to as your electric window, they are mainly functioned by a button on the armrest or handle near the window. The regulator is what moves your window up and down, so if you are experiencing any issues with your window it's likely that the problem lies with the regulator. There are numerous reasons why your window regulator can fail, one of the most common is when passengers or car owners attempt to open a frozen window and keep trying to force the window open even though it's frozen. This typically causes the window regulator to snap under pressure.

You may notice symptoms such as clicking sounds from the door or else you'll notice the window will not lower fully. You might even notice the window opening very slowly, just pop your reg into MyCarNeedsA.com and we'll start getting your quotes lined up then you can get your Toyota back to it's former glory sooner.

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