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It's simple, your Renault needs water coolant to control the tempreture of the engine and prevent it from overheating if your Renault is running low on coolant or perhaps it's run out of coolant then you are causing serious damage to your car engine to the point that you could end up at the side of the road. Water coolant is included in all types of car servicing packages, so if you keep your car serviced regularly then you shouldn't need to top up on your coolant.

Coolant is needed particularly in warm weather due to extra heat in the atmosphere, this will add to the heat of the engine, so antifreeze or coolant plays a huge roll in keeping your engine cool in the summer. It's really needed in all harsh weather conditions, in winter coolant is needed because it protects the engine from freezing. It is needed to keep the tempreture of the engine controlled at all times so your Renault can perform at it's best.

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