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A flywheel is a spinning disc which stores kinetic energy when your car has halted if your gears slip it can be the first sign that your Renault needs a new clutch and flywheel. You might also experience some issues when you apply pressure to the pedal and you notice the transmission is disengaging. If your flywheel has any damage such as scrapes or cracks it can gather dirt and oil and it will prevent it from functioning properly. It's also really unsafe to drive with clutch and flywheel issues, so it's important if you're experiencing problems then get quotes immediately and get your car booked in for a check if you're not sure.

Only certain mechanics will take on a flywheel job, so it's important you had your car over to an expert, MyCarNeedsA.com checks and approves all mechanics so your sure to get a quote from the best in your area! Grab a quote today.

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