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CV stands for constant-velocity, the CV joints are on the axel as you turn the CV joints pivot, they are covered by a rubber boot and when this rips or fails dirt gets in and lubrication also escapes and as a result the joint damages and disintegrates over time. Of course, it's better if you can catch this problem early on so then you'll have a chance of saving further damage to the axel.

You'll spot issues with your Renault CV joints when you turn the car when driving, you should hear a clicking noise or a popping noise and you might also feel a lot of vibration in the wheels or steering wheel. These are the most common symptoms of broken CV joints. If this sounds familiar then you'll need to get quotes from mechanics in your area, the easiest way to do this is with MyCarNeedsA.com! Just enter your reg, a few details and we'll get the quotes together.

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