Why Is My Car Making A Scraping Noise?

May 26, 2021

Why Is My Car Making A Scraping Noise?

Why Is My Car Making A Scraping Noise?

We have said it before and we will say it again, when your car is making an unusual noise this is how it’s telling you something is up. Unfortunately, they can’t tell us exactly what the problem is so we just have to listen and be aware of what noises are normal, and not so normal.

A grinding or scraping noise is no different, not only will this problem be annoying and hard to put up with, it may be the cause of nerves due to the potential bill you could be faced with.

Grinding noise while driving

Have you noticed the scraping noise occurs when you’re driving? One of the more difficult issues to diagnose, you need to try to decipher whether it’s coming from the front or rear of the car.

Damaged water pump

It’s normal to immediately assume the scraping noise is coming from your brakes but that’s not always the case, it could be telling you the water pump is damaged. The water pump prevents your car from overheating so it’s best to get this one checked out as soon as you can.

Worn alternator

Worn alternators can cause grinding noises when you’re driving and also be the cause of a dead battery.

Scraping when using the air conditioning

When running the car’s air conditioning, you may notice this scraping noise which is coming from the air conditioning compressors.

Scraping when changing gears

If you’re hearing a loud scraping or grinding noise when you’re changing gears then this is an indication of a worn clutch or potentially one that needs an adjustment. Make sure you get this one checked out as soon as possible because it could be doing some serious damage to the vehicle.

Scraping noise coming from brakes

When we hear the scraping noise at first, our mind will immediately think it’s something to do with the brakes and this may be caused by worn pads or loose rotors. It could even be a sign of wheel misalignment.

Scraping noise when turning

If you only hear the scraping noise when turning corners it could be due to a number of different things, but the most common cause is worn wheel bearings.

It can be difficult to confirm where exactly the problem is coming from when you’re not mechanically minded and this is why we always recommend you take your car to a professional. The sooner you get the problem looked at, the more money you can save. Get quotes from reputable mechanics in your area today with MyCarNeedsA.com!

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