How to Know When Tyres Need to be Rotated or Changed?

Jun 25, 2021

How to Know When Tyres Need to be Rotated or Changed?

How to Know When Tyres Need to be Rotated or Changed?

Tyres need to be rotated regularly so they last longer and wear evenly. However, many drivers neglect their tyres until the last minute which can put them in danger.

Why do tyres need to be rotated regularly?

Your tyres need to be rotated regularly to prevent uneven wear, each of your tyres will wear at a different rate due to weight distribution. For example, your front tyres will carry more load due to the engine etc, and they take most of the stress when braking. Tyres need to be rotated to improve the fuel efficiency of your car also.

How often should I rotate them?

The recommended rule for rotating your tyres is going to be every 5,000-10,000 miles or every six months, depending on which comes first. The guidelines for this will be set out by your manufacturer.

How to know when your tyres need to be rotated?

●Uneven wear between tyres - are the front tyres wearing faster than the rear tyres?

●Is your vehicle vibrating at high speeds? Any unusual vibrations are a sign your tyres need to be rotated or balanced.

●Are your tyres losing pressure at different times? This is a sign to inspect for any punctures or breaks in the tyre, if not then the tyres may need to be rotated.

How to know when tyres need to be changed?

If you feel your tyres are beyond the point of needing to be rotated, and need to be replaced instead, here are some common signs:

●Not enough tread depth - cars need to have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread in the UK.

●Tyres need to be checked regularly and if they really are more than five years old, it’s worth asking a professional to inspect your tyres to ensure they are roadworthy.

●If you can see cracks in the sidewall, it’s a sign of an early potential blowout.

●Bulges and blisters are obvious defects outside the tyre are obvious signs there is something wrong internally.

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