Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Which is Better for Your Brakes?

Jun 16, 2021

Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Which is Better for Your Brakes?

Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Which is Better for Your Brakes?

Are you in the market for high performance brake discs for your car, but can’t settle the debate of whether slotted or drilled discs would be better? Well, here at MyCarNeedsA.com, we are going to settle this for you!

Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Differences

Both drill holes and slots in your brake rotors will improve braking performance, but under different conditions. Drill holes are better at helping to reduce the brake temperature as the drill holes allow air to flow through, and brake pads work better at lower temperatures. You will also reduce the risk of pulsating brakes.

Slotted rotors do not improve any heat transfer, however they can improve your brake output by removing any gas, dust or debris that is trapped between the pad and rotor.

Drill holes are going to give you better braking when you’re doing normal or city driving, which is why high end manufacturers like Mercedes and BMW use drilled motors in their vehicles. Slotted rotors tend to be used in high performance racing vehicles.

What's the difference between slotted and drilled vs solid brake rotors?

Rotor thickness is just one aspect of braking performance and even more important are the pads themselves and the heat they produce. However, slotted and drilled rotors don’t function differently to solid ones. It’s the heat from friction that wears away at the pads and rotors, it releases dust, heat and gases that can cause brake fade.

As we mentioned above, this is where the slotted and drilled rotors can help with heat and allow air, gases and heat to escape through the vents.

Should you upgrade your rotors?

While there may be tangible benefits to changing your rotors, there are of course some downsides to this. For the vast majority of drivers, solid rotors with vents should be sufficient. But if you’re not finding them to be sufficient, then it might be worth considering the switch to drilled or slotted rotors, along with different brake pads and brake fluid.

Need brake repairs?

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