Common Signs Your AirCon Isn’t Working

May 21, 2021

Common Signs Your AirCon Isn’t Working

Common Signs Your AirCon Isn’t Working

In the UK, you may find yourself using your air conditioning and heating in the same day because of the weather conditions we have. Mornings may be colder, but by the afternoon we rely on that cold air to keep us cool. However, if you’re no longer enjoying that cool air, there are a number of different reasons why your car’s air conditioning may have stopped working.

1.No Cold Air

Most often, if your air conditioning is no longer blowing out cold air this is due to a refrigerant leak. Your car’s air conditioning components rely heavily on refrigerant to keep you cool and without sufficient refrigerant, it won’t be able to function as expected. Leaks can happen at any time for any reason, but it’s likely due to a hole somewhere along the system. These leaks can unfortunately be difficult to identify because it evaporates when exposed to the environment.

2.No air coming from the vents

This issue could be slightly harder to spot as it isn’t as obvious as hot air coming through the vents. Your mechanic will eliminate possible causes by checking a number of different components like a blown fuse, damage to the blower motor, blocked air intake or damaged hoses and belts.

3.Air is cool, but not cold

If you’re experiencing the air going cool, but not cold, then this is a sign that your car is low on refrigerant. When there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system, the pressure reduces and prevents the clutch from triggering the compressor to begin the cycle. If you have a mechanic look at your system and they say there is enough refrigerant, it could also be due to a blocked or failed condenser, or failed clutch switch.

4.Foul smells

If you turn on your AC and notice this foul, mildew or rotten egg type smell this is a sign of growth of bacteria in your air conditioning system. This is very common in cars that don’t really use the air conditioning system or frequently use it at the maximum setting. Bacteria, mould or fungi can all develop in behind the dashboard evaporator and that’s why you experience an awful stench.

5.Strange noises when in use

If your air conditioning system starts to make noises that you have never heard before, the air conditioning system could be damaged. If you turn it on and hear banging or any other type of unusual sign, then it’s normal to be nervous. Sometimes it can be something as simple as road debris blocking the unit, other times it will be indicating a major component of the air conditioning system is in failure.

6.Air conditioning goes hot to cold

When you’re driving and the air starts to go from cold to hot, you know there is a definite problem with your air conditioning system. If this happens, it could be due to the expansion valve that dispenses the amount of refrigerant your car needs being blocked. A blocked expansion valve prevents the refrigerant from reaching the evaporator and if moisture is present it can cause the valve to freeze.

Air Conditioning Repairs Near Me

No matter what symptoms you’re experiencing, you should always take your car to a qualified expert to diagnose your air conditioning problems. So whether you need an air conditioning service, regas or need a repair, are here to help. Get quotes from reputable mechanics in your area today!

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