Why Does My Car Feel Sluggish?

May 5, 2021

Why Does My Car Feel Sluggish?

Why Does My Car Feel Sluggish?

New cars drive like a dream, and if you keep on top of regular maintenance with services every year then you can retain that dream-like performance. But over the years as your car gets older, components and different parts will start to wear out and the occasional repairs become unavoidable. If you have been experiencing a sluggish car lately, we are here to answer all your questions.

Why is my car’s acceleration slower than usual?

Are you pressing the accelerator to the floor and not getting anywhere? This is a common and frustrating issue and slow acceleration is more likely to happen in older vehicles or vehicles with high mileage. However, that’s not to say it couldn’t happen in newer models!

Slow acceleration can actually be dangerous, especially if you’re on the motorways or busy city roads. Two reasons why this might be the case are you could be running out of fuel or your car doesn’t have enough power. In this article, we will look at the common reasons why your car is losing power.

Clogged fuel filter

When you’re using a heavy foot on the accelerator and not getting anywhere, it could indicate a problem with your fuel system and the most common issue is from a clogged fuel filter. The filter has been designed to prevent dirt and other debris from getting into the fuel system and over time, it can get clogged meaning your fuel pump is working harder than usual to get into the system. This is then why your car starts to feel sluggish.

Worn clutch

Another component you want to check out is your clutch. When your clutch fails to engage the transmission with the engine properly, you will experience acceleration issues. If you have noticed that the clutch feels loose or that your engine is switching speed when driving, your clutch might be the culprit!

Clogged catalytic converter

Your exhaust system is there to remove all the harmful gases from your car’s engine, and the quicker these gases are removed then the quicker the combustion process can happen. Overtime, the catalytic converter can become clogged and you will experience a loss in engine power.

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