Why Is My Car Jerking?

May 5, 2021

Why Is My Car Jerking?

Why Is My Car Jerking?

Cars have come a long way over the years and with that, common signs and symptoms can mean a number of differing things. If you have been experiencing your car jerking when accelerating, then it can indicate a number of potential issues. In this article, we’ll go over those that are most common and how you can fix them.

Why is my car jerking when I accelerate?

If your car feels like it’s jerking or stuttering when you press on the accelerator, it’s usually a result of inadequate fuel, air or spark during the combustion process. It’s best to diagnose and fix the problem sooner rather than later to avoid a hefty repair bill.

Dirty fuel injectors

Having dirty fuel injectors is a common issue and can be responsible for a number of different things. Dirty fuel injectors will result in your car losing power, causing the car to jerk while driving at a constant speed due to a number of engine misfires. While you can clean the dirty injectors, it might be an idea to simply replace them.

Faulty spark plugs

One of the more common causes here is faulty spark plugs, it is also one of the easiest to identify and repair. Spark plugs are needed during the combustion process to properly ignite the fuel. If they are dirty, this can prevent proper ignition and will cause the engine to misfire, and when you’re driving it will cause the car to jerk while accelerating.

Bad fuel pump or filter

Another common cause for your car jerking or stuttering is down to a fuel supply issue which could be stemming from a failing fuel pump. Your car will be struggling to keep up with the fuel demands while driving, causing the vehicle to jerk. It could also be that you have a clogged fuel filter, restricting the flow of fuel. Replacing this filter is a relatively inexpensive repair.

Dirty air filter

When not enough air can make its way into the combustion chamber, it will affect performance and causes the car to jerk. Your car's air filter protects against dirt and any other particles and if the filter is dirty, these particles will make their way into the engine.

Find a mechanic near me

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