Why Is There A Burning Rubber Smell in My Car?

Apr 20, 2021

Why Is There A Burning Rubber Smell in My Car?

Why Is There A Burning Rubber Smell in My Car?

Can you smell burning rubber coming from your car? You can spill anything in your car such as food or maybe your morning coffee, and within a day or so you’ll be able to explain the source of a bad stench in the car. But when it comes to smelling like burning rubber, you might be wondering why.

This smell could be due to a number of things, all of which should be taken seriously if you want your car to remain driveable and for you to stay safe out on the roads.

Reasons for Burning Rubber Smell in Your Car

One of the main reasons why your car smells like burning rubber is due to the fact the parts are either made with rubber or wrapped in rubber and potentially one of the parts could be melting because it has made content with the hot engine. Here are some of the most common reasons why your car smells like burning rubber.

Loose Rubber Hose

Cars contain a number of rubber hoses that are necessary for keeping the engine at optimum performance. But like many parts, they become weaker over time and may even break off from their secure position. If these parts make contact with the engine, they could potentially burn and melt. Spot this issue by looking under the hoodie for any loose rubber parts that may be around the engine.

Radiator Coolant Leaking

Another common cause of burning rubber smells could be due to coolant leaking onto the engine and whenever this happens, the coolant will give off a burning rubber smell when you stop the car. Leaks in the radiator can cause a serious problem because it helps keep the engine temperature at optimum range.

Odour from Heater

Have you noticed a burning rubber smell after turning it on? This could possibly be due to a block duct or debris. This one will need the help of a professional to diagnose the problem.

Brakes burnt out

Do you find your driving habits leave you braking harder and more often? This can lead to your brakes binding to the rotor or warping because friction will cause the metal to expand. When there’s not enough cooling time between each application of the brakes they can produce smoke and cause a bad smell. As well as that, you will hear a high-pitched sound when you brake.

Burning Rubber Smell: Advice

The smell of burning rubber can cause us to panic as it’s not one of the nicest smells to be greeted with. Above we have listed only a few of the most common burning rubber smell causes, and if you can get these fixed in the early stages you will save yourself a headache and some money on repairs.

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