Why Is My Car Making A Rattling Noise?

May 26, 2021

Why Is My Car Making A Rattling Noise?

Why Is My Car Making A Rattling Noise?

There is nothing worse than hearing a rattling noise while driving down the road, because you know immediately that there is something wrong with your car. Rattling noises are extremely annoying and can cause us to panic in case it comes with a hefty repair bill, but most of the time they are early warning signs indicating something is up. In this article, we will look at the most common causes of rattling and what they mean to help you diagnose your problem.

Rattling noise underneath the car

If you have been able to decipher where exactly that rattling noise is coming from, and know that it’s coming from underneath the car then here are a few things it could be telling you.

Heat shield

There is a heat shield that surrounds your exhaust system and as it’s made of thin metal, it’s more susceptible to rusting. As the part detaches, it may be the cause of the constant rattling sound you’re hearing. Thankfully, this is one of the more inexpensive parts to fix.

Loose exhaust

Your car’s exhaust system will stretch the full length of the car and over time, it’s likely that this joint holding the exhaust in place will become loose. When this happens, your exhaust will be shaking and knocking against the rest of the car causing the annoying rattling sound.

Catalytic converter

Is this rattling noise only occurring when you accelerate? The culprit for this problem is the catalytic converter and the rattling noise is a sign that it’s degrading. Over time, the fins that are used inside of the catalytic converter will break off and small chunks of metal will bounce around inside the unit creating this tapping and rattling noise you hear when you’re driving.

Rattling noise underneath the bonnet

After reading the above, are you certain the issue is coming from under the bonnet? It will come as no surprise that over time, one of the many moving parts sitting under your bonnet can be the common cause of rattling sounds.

Water pump bearings

If your car’s water pumps are failing, they will make a loud rattling sound caused by the bearings rubbing together. If this is the case, you will notice that there are issues with your car's temperature when looking at the gauge on your dashboard. This is due to the fact there is a lack of pressure from the pump.

Oil pressure

If you notice the rattling noise when your car is idling, this is coming from your engine and is a sign of low oil pressure. If you ignore this issue, you could end up causing serious damage to your engine and the moving parts.

Rattling noise inside the cabin

If you don’t think it’s under the car or under the bonnet causing the rattling, then it could be coming from inside the car’s cabin which is where the less serious issues arise.

It could be to do kids toys or something that has got lost in the car over time. Sometimes, if there are things down the side of your doors or in the globe box they could be the cause of that pesky noise.

Be aware that the problem could also be a sign of a loose fitting somewhere like in the window pane or door panel.

Find a mechanic near me

Your car is trying to tell you something by making random and unusual noises, which means you should listen and get it checked out sooner rather than later. Here at MyCarNeedsA.com, we can help you find a reputable local mechanic to help rectify your rattling problems. Get your quotes today!

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