What is Air Conditioning Recharge?

May 21, 2021

What is Air Conditioning Recharge?

What is Air Conditioning Recharge?

Have you ever got into your car on a hot day and switched the air conditioning on, ready to be cooled down instantly but find it’s only blowing out hot air and won’t cool down? This is a sign you need to have your air conditioning recharged.

Why do I need an air con recharge?

Your car's air conditioning system works to cool down the cabin, as well as reducing the amount of moisture. This is why it’s advised you use your air conditioning to rapidly demist your windscreen in the winter months.

Air conditioning works to cool down the car through the complex evaporation process. The refrigerant gas in the system is constantly shifting from gas to liquid and back to gas, which then gives you conditioned air.

Over time, it’s expected that the amount of refrigerant in your car will drop from this constant shift from gas to liquid. When the gas is lost, the cooling abilities of your air conditioning decreases and your system needs to be recharged to keep it cooling the air down effectively.

As the refrigerant is lost over time, your engine needs to work harder to keep the air conditioning which increases your fuel consumption.

When do I need an air conditioning recharge?

As the refrigerant gas makes its way through the system at an average rate of 10% per year, it’s always advised that you have your air conditioning recharged every 2 to 3 years.

Air conditioning does not get recharged as part of an MOT test or standard service so if you have any concerns, you will need to address it with your mechanic.

You can tell if you need your air conditioning recharged if:

●Your air conditioning is emitting hot air instead of cold air

●There is an excessive noise when the air conditioning system is on

●Weak flow of air

●Bursts of cold air when emitting warm air

How to keep your air conditioning healthy

To keep your air conditioning working effectively you need to try and use it more frequently, which is why it’s recommended you use it during the winter months also to remove condensation from the windscreen.

You can also recharge your air conditioning every two to three years to keep it healthy. Get quotes for air conditioning recharges in your area with MyCarNeedsA.com.

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