Does My Car Need a Smog Check?

May 21, 2021

Does My Car Need a Smog Check?

Does My Car Need a Smog Check?

Smog checks, tests and emission checks all refer to the same thing, it’s a test of your car and the engine emissions and the tests are generally performed at a licensed smog testing facility.

What does an emissions test involve?

Every engine gives off emissions and depending on the area you're from, vehicles are only allowed to produce a certain amount.

Emissions testing checks for the number of air pollutants coming out of a car’s exhaust and started in California back in 1966 to combat smog. Taking your car for an MOT test can be a stressful time as it checks your emissions and will determine whether or not your car will be legal for another year.

Obviously you want your car to pass your MOT and while you have completed all the checks like headlights, tyre tread, oils, have you thought about the emissions that your diesel engine is producing? Emissions deemed too high will result in MOT failure, particularly as there was a crackdown on acceptable car emissions back in May 2018.

Why do MOT tests include strict smog tests?

There’s a large focus particularly within Europe to reduce the pollution levels that are produced to ensure that cars aren’t creating excessive emissions that are harmful to our planet.

The emissions test measures the amount and the concentration of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that are being released via the exhaust pipe. Diesel engines nitrogen oxides (NoX) is something that is also trying to reduce. Older diesel cars are more likely to produce a higher level of emissions and therefore could fail an MOT check for this reason.

The MOT uses a scale to determine whether or not your vehicle is safe to drive and if you receive a dangerous result, it is defined as something which has a direct and immediate risk to road safety or has a serious impact on the environment.

How to reduce the emissions on a diesel car

If you’re worried about your diesel car not passing the smog check, there are some steps you can take to reduce its emission levels:

●Install a diesel particulate filter

●Install a selective catalytic reduction

●Check tyre pressure

●Use premium fuel

Find a local mechanic for a smog test

If you’re worried about your emissions, book your car in for an inspection with your local mechanic and find one in your area with Get quotes today!

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