Reasons Why You Should Take Your Car for a Winter Service

Sep 30, 2020

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Car for a Winter Service

The last thing you want over the winter months is for your car to give up on you, and it’s easily done especially when you’re not paying as much attention to regular vehicle maintenance throughout the year.

So to avoid the winter breakdown, you can take your car for a service health check to make sure it’s as ready for those cold winter months as you are!

Are there any checks I can do at home?

There are a few parts of your car you can check at home to prepare for the winter months: Firstly, check your lights - headlights, tail lights, sidelights, brake lights and indicators to ensure they’re in full working order. Lights are essential for the reduced visibility on the roads during the darker nights!

Keep a stash of windscreen wash in the boot just in case you run out, when the roads are gritted you’re guaranteed to have a cloudy windscreen and it reduces your visibility even further. Also check your windscreen wipers!

Check your tyres - are your tyres fit for driving in the snow, ice or wet road conditions? While the minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, we recommend having at least 3mm for maximum grip!

What is involved in a winter service?

This will depend on your service provider or garage, winter car service packages vary so ensure you read the description of what’s included! Most garages tend to offer the following in a service:

● Battery check

● Oil check

● Bulb check

● Tyre pressure check

● Windscreen wash

● Blades checked

Reasons why you should get a winter car service

● Prepares you for the season ahead - Freezing temps, rain and snow are just some of the challenges your car is going to face during the winter months and it will all have a profound impact on how well your car performs. A winter health check is a fuss-free way of making sure nothing bad happens during the colder months!

● Improves safety and condition of your car - Winter weather can be dangerous, and a large part of it comes down to the condition your car is in. Especially those key components like wipers and the battery. A winter check will restore your confidence in your car’s ability to perform.

● Avoid expensive repairs - All services help you to avoid expensive repair bills, and if your car is having difficulty during the winter months.

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