How Often Should I Replace My Windscreen Wipers?

Jul 6, 2020

How Often Should I Replace My Windscreen Wipers?

When we talk about regular car maintenance, your car’s windscreen wipers are probably the last thing you would think of. What many people forget is that they are a very important safety feature on your car. They do an invaluable job by keeping your windscreen clear and many drivers neglect their wipers, assuming they don’t need any maintenance or attention.

Why is windscreen wiper maintenance important?

Just like many other car parts, windscreen wipers are going to wear out over time. If you fail to replace them, you’re using ineffective wipers which are not keeping you as safe as possible on the roads. What would happen if you were caught in a sudden downpour? Or when you can’t clean the dirt from salted roads in the winter from your windscreen? Not only is it dangerous, but it may have a direct affect on your car insurance as you have neglected basic car maintenance.

How often should I replace my windscreen wipers?

Generally, it is advised that you should change your wipers at least every 12 months. However, this can vary depending on how often your wipers are used and the conditions you drive in. An easy way to tell if they need to be replaced is when they smear water on your windscreen, or the rubber starts to make a loud noise when in use.

How much do windscreen wipers cost?

You will be glad to know that windscreen wiper replacements are inexpensive compared to other car parts. You can buy replacement wiper blades from any auto store such as Halfords or Euro Car Parts, mechanic or online. A replacement pair of wiper blades can cost anywhere from £3-£12 for a single or from £14 a pair.

Where can I get my windscreen wipers replaced?

You can replace your windscreen wipers at home yourself. All you need to do is pull the original wiper arms away from the windscreen and release the blade from its arm by pulling the central retaining clip and opening the lock tab. Hold the arm in place and slide the rubber wiper out, then attach your new rubber blade and lock it back into place.

If you don’t feel too confident doing it yourself, you can get a mechanic to do it for you! is the easiest way to get quotes from pre-approved garages and mechanics in your local area, saving you both time and money. Get your quote today!

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