Winter Car Repairs to look out for

Feb 22, 2021

Winter Car Repairs to look out for

Winter Car Repairs to look out for

We all know that when the winter weather hits, we suffer from aggressive road conditions due to snow and ice, extreme cold and more, all of which can cause havoc on our cars. From constantly suffering empty washer fluid tanks and heaters that stop working, to cars that won’t start all together. Here are the five most common car repairs that are popular during the winter months.

Top 5 Common Winter Car Repairs

Electric windows

Did you know that ice is one of the main reasons why your electric window motors will break? This is because when we try to force the window open in icy conditions, it can get stuck and cause the motor to burn out. If it’s a simple case of replacing the motor only, then your repair bill won’t be too costly but on some cars the motor is part of a bigger mechanism and this can make it expensive to fix.

Frozen engine

One of the more serious problems that can potentially occur during the winter months is a frozen engine. You can avoid this by keeping your car topped up with the correct level of anti-freeze/coolant as this will ensure the engine is kept cool without freezing over and breaking. Using water is not a safe substitute as this can cause severe engine damage.

Strain on the car battery

The cold weather conditions can put strain on your car’s battery as it makes it more difficult for the battery to turn over and impact the amount of power it can generate. When you blast the heaters and other electrical devices this will also add additional strain. It might be worth taking your car to a quick check-up at the local garage.

Frozen wipers

The icy conditions can cause your windscreen and wipers to become frozen, and turning your wipers on before they have had a chance to defrost can cause serious damage to the wiper assembly as well as the arms. A tip for the winter months is to always have a de-icer on hand.

Low tyre pressures

When the mercury drops, your tyre pressure will follow and this can increase fuel consumption as well as leaving you with dangerously deflated tyres.

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