How to Check Your Brakes

Feb 22, 2021

How to Check Your Brakes

How to Check Your Brakes

It is essential to check your brake pads regularly as they will help your car last and keep both you and other road users safe on the road. Brakes enable us to slow down and stop, to ensure your car is stopping safely, here are a few considerations on when and how to check your car’s brake pads.

When should you check your brakes?

There is no specific time frame for when you should replace your brake pads as it will depend on a number of factors like driving habits and mileage, which means that it’s a good idea to check your brake pads regularly to help determine the amount of wear and tear.

Whether you decide to go to a mechanic or handle everything yourself, it’s a good idea to check the brake pads around every six months, it’s also an idea to check the manual or talk to a professional technician so you understand the service schedule and what parts are needed for your car.

How to check your brakes

Fortunately, brake pads have been designed to give us drivers clear signs that they need to be looked at and possibly replaced. Here are some ways you can check your brakes when driving and by visual inspection:

How to check brakes while driving

● Are your brake pads making any noise? This is generally the early warning signal telling you that they need to be replaced and generally sounds like metal scraping on the wheels while moving. This noise will get louder the more the brakes are used.

● How is your brake pedal and steering? When brake pads are worn out, you may feel a vibration in the brake pedal or steering wheel while braking.

● Many modern cars will have lights appear on the dashboard telling you the brake pads need to be replaced but others will simply have a brake fluid warning light come on, telling you to have them checked as soon as possible.

How to visually inspect the brakes:

● Brake dust and accumulation in the wheels are normal signs of wear, but if they’re dirtier than usual you may want to have them inspected by a professional.

● With many cars, you may be able to see the brake pad through the wheels and you can look at it to determine the thickness, if it seems very thin then it needs to be replaced. Many pads will have a slot down the centre, if you can see this faintly then the pad needs to be replaced.

If you don’t feel comfortable checking your brake pads yourself then take your car to a local garage to have a professional do it for you! Get your quotes!

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