Windscreen Replacement Cost?

Aug 12, 2020

Windscreen Replacement Cost?

You don’t need us to tell you that the role a car windscreen plays is very important one, no one would drive with their eyes closed so why would you drive with a cracked windscreen? Even though windscreens are manufactured to high standards of safety and strength, glass is vulnerable and will be subject to different types and levels of damage throughout its life.

Do I need my windscreen replaced?

A chip can easily be caused by something like a stone being thrown up from the road, but fortunately a chip isn’t the worst news we think it might be. However, that being said if you continue to ignore the chip or deal with it in the correct manner, it could turn into a bigger crack resulting in a complete windscreen replacement being needed.

Hitting potholes or a kerb can be enough to cause that small chip to turn into a bigger problem.

Windscreen Guidelines:

● Never ignore a chip, as they could grow into something bigger.

● A chip suitable for repair needs to be smaller than a £2 coin, if anything bigger than that you need to have a full windscreen replacement.

● Chips cannot be within 3cm of the windscreen edge if it’s going to be repaired.

● Chips or crack in the drivers line of sight cannot be bigger than 10mm

How much does a windscreen replacement cost?

If you need to replace your car’s windscreen, the price is going to depend on the make and model of your car, and where you choose to have the work carried out. Windscreen replacement prices are going to vary from garage to garage, and by going directly to a dealership you will find the prices are even higher again.

In the UK, windscreen replacement prices start from £150 up, so if you drive a Jaguar you should expect to pay more than someone driving a Fiat 500.

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