When should you use hazard warning lights?

Oct 22, 2018

When should you use hazard warning lights?

You should only use your hazard warning lights when your vehicle is a hazard to other motorists. Hazard lights should be used to warn others for example if your car has been in an accident the first thing you should do is switch on your hazard lights.

Your hazard warning lights should not be used when your trying to say thank you to another car or if you're parked illegally or even when your being towed. Only use your warning lights temporarily until you have warned other drivers, then switch them off.

Events when you should use your hazard warning lights

  1. In the event of an accident or breakdown then use the hazards
  2. Can also be used if you need to stop abruptly on a motorway you can warn vehicles approaching behind you by flashing the hazard warning lights
  3. If you are on a motorway and you can’t get the car on the hard shoulder, use the hazards.

Events when it’s not ok to use your hazard lights

  1. To thank drivers
  2. To park illegally
  3. To take a rest at the side of the road
  4. When turning corners

The Highway Code:

Hazard warning lights may be used when your vehicle is stationary, to warn that it is temporarily obstructing traffic. Never use them as an excuse for dangerous or illegal parking. You MUST NOT use hazard warning lights while driving or being towed unless you are on a motorway or unrestricted dual carriageway and you need to warn drivers behind you of a hazard or obstruction ahead. Only use them for long enough to ensure that your warning has been observed.”

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