How to Improve Fuel Efficiency of My Car?

Apr 29, 2021

How to Improve Fuel Efficiency of My Car?

How to Improve Fuel Efficiency of My Car?

Running a car can be expensive, especially when it comes to fuelling it. Fuel prices are constantly on the rise and this has left many drivers opting for public transport where they can to save some money. But as a driver, you will be glad to know there are a few things you can do to improve the fuel efficiency of your car to ensure you’re getting more from a full tank of fuel. Here are our top tips to help improve fuel efficiency!

Check tyre pressure

Tyres lose air naturally and can lose air at a rate of up to 2 PSI every month, which highlights how important it is to check your tyre pressure regularly as this can help you preserve your fuel for as long as possible.

Ensuring the air is topped up in your tyres will improve both the tread and fuel efficiency. If your tyres are distorted due to having the incorrect pressure, you’re going to be using more fuel to keep the car running smoothly.

Remove excess weight

Remove any excess weight like bulky out items from the car such as the children’s buggy when the kids are staying at home or any other items that could be weighing the car down.

Basic maintenance

This is incredibly important for keeping your car in good condition, but by servicing your car and carrying out basic maintenance checks regularly, you will also improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

Driving habits

Looking after your car is one way to improve fuel economy, but your driving style also has a huge part to play in this as well. If you’re adopting bad driving habits such as speeding and excessive acceleration at high revs you will be affecting your fuel consumption. Using cruise control is an effective way of maintaining speed and ensures you’re making the best use of your fuel.

Turn off your air-conditioning

Unless it’s unbearably warm in the car, leave the air-con off as using it can put a strain on the engine and burn more fuel, especially when driving at low speeds. The same goes for heated windscreens and any other electrical appliances.

There are many different elements that can impact your car’s fuel efficiency, and most revolve around your car’s overall condition meaning you want to ensure that it’s always performing at its best. Here at, if you need to find a local mechanic to carry out any essential repairs that could be hindering your fuel economy, we can gather quotes for you saving you both time and money. Get your quotes!

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