What To Do If Your Car Has A Flat Battery?

Sep 18, 2020

What To Do If Your Car Has A Flat Battery?

We know that discovering a flat car battery is one of the most frustrating experiences, as it’s never going to be at a convenient time. If you have a flat battery, you can find out what to do with this guide.

Flat batteries can happen for a number of reasons, such as the weather, battery age and frequent short journeys. They are the number one reason for breakdown services being called, with this in mind, it is also an idea to get familiar with the different telltale signs that your car battery might be about to go flat.

What to do if your car battery goes flat?

● One of the common reasons a battery will go flat is because the lights have been left on without the engine running. If the battery hasn’t completely discharged, you may be able to charge it back up with a battery charger.

● If this isn’t an option, you can always try a jump start.

● Have you tried the first two suggestions and nothing is working, you may have a more serious problem on your hands. Take your car to a mechanic or expert for a health check, as there may be another underlying problem causing the battery to go flat.

How often should I replace my car battery?

Before the battery actually dies, there are usually a few signs that it isn’t working as it should be. Electrical systems are one of the first things affected by battery wear, they may be a bit slower or sluggish, such as your car’s radio and windscreen wipers.

If you have noticed the smell of rotten eggs, this can be coming from your battery which is caused by the battery attempting to recharge more energy than what it can actually hold. This will be due to a fault in the charging system. Get under the hoodie and visually inspect your car’s battery and if you notice that it’s bulging, it will need to be brought to an expert immediately as swelling coming from the battery is caused by the sulphuric acid inside the casing.

The average life expectancy of a car battery is around four to six years, however different factors such as driving habits, weather conditions and vehicle type will all impact the lifespan.

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