Where Would You Find A Catalytic Converter?

Oct 19, 2018

Where Would You Find A Catalytic Converter?

You will find a catalytic converter located near your car’s exhaust system, it’s primary function is to convert the harmful emissions in your car into less toxic/harmful gases. It’s quite a sophisticated car part that has been invented to improve emissions.

The catalytic converter has a honeycomb-like structure inside it which when the catalytic converter is hot, the gases passing through it will be converted to a less harmful output. A bad spark plug can be one of the causes of the catalytic converter failing.

Does Your Car Need A New Catalytic Converter?

The catalytic converter specialists will always test how bad the converter is before carrying out any repairs. Mechanics simply use a gauge to see how much pressure is building up in the exhaust system.

Common Faults Catalytic Converter

There are a few common faults that come with a catalytic converter such as clogged up filter, overheating or a build-up of pressure. One of the most common issues we see on MyCarNeedsA.com with catalytic converters is issues with overheating when the temperature gets too high this will sometimes even trigger the check engine light. The overheating with the catalytic converter is caused by unburned fuel entering the catalytic converter, this actually melts the honeycomb structure which means the catalytic converter stops carrying out its primary function of converting.

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