What to Expect When Getting a Car Repaired

Jun 18, 2019

What to Expect When Getting a Car Repaired

When trying to find car body repair shops or somewhere to service your car, it requires you to place trust in a mechanic or garage who you want to do the work for you.

But there are some things as consumers, that we need to be aware of. When sending your car off to a garage, there are a few things that you should expect from a reliable and trustworthy garage or mechanic. We have listed some expectations that everyone should have:

Expect that the mechanic or garage is certified

As a consumer, you expect that the auto repair shops are certified and that they are only using skilled and reliable employees. You want to get the best possible repairs if in doubt do some research. Or, we can do the work you by getting some quotes from our reputable garages.


Expect to be briefed on the work they are doing and the cost

When you bring a car to your local garage, the mechanic will take a look at the car and should tell you what exactly needs to be done and how much it will roughly cost. It is ok to expect it in writing! This is a written agreement between you and the garage and prevents any disputes arising when you come back to get your car.

Expect they know and understand your rights as a consumer

When a garage is servicing or repairing your car, your consumer rights as a buyer are protected in law, which means that there are some things your garage must do:

  • Only fit replacement parts that are in good condition and that will last a reasonable length of time.
  • Do the work in a reasonable amount of time – unless otherwise agreed.
  • Charge a reasonable amount for the work done if a price has not been agreed beforehand.
  • Use reasonable skill and care when doing the work.

Expect they will keep you updated

A good mechanic or garage will keep you updated on the car service or repair progress. This can be in relation to how the work is going, what delays they have faced and if they have found another issue that could also be worrying and making your car unfit for the road. However, there doesn’t need to be a problem to receive an update, it’s good practice to update customers on the work.

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