What is 4 Wheel Alignment and How Much Does It Cost?

Jul 9, 2019

What is 4 Wheel Alignment and How Much Does It Cost?

If your wheel alignment is off, this means that your tyres are not pointing in the same direction. Because of this, it will directly affect your steering, suspension, durability of tyres and safety.

Wheel alignment can be thrown off by driving over potholes (a very common problem within the UK), hitting curbs or general tyre wear and tear such as cracking.

What is wheel alignment?

This is when all four wheels on your car are aligned with each other as per the car manufacturer’s specifications, this is needed to allow them to connect with the road in coordination with one another.

How are the 4 wheels aligned?

Firstly, it’s better to have all wheels aligned rather than just two for obvious reasons such as you want the four wheels to be performing to the same standard, have even tyre wear across all four tyres and so on. Special equipment is used in the wheel alignment process. The steering wheel needs to be in the most central position and clamps hooked up to a computer are attached to each wheel. The computer then uses the reflections from the clamps to determine if adjustments are required

Is there a difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing?

Yes, they are two completely different things. In short, wheel balancing is concerned with weight distribution around your car’s wheels, whereas wheel alignment is related to how your car’s wheels interact with one another and the road.

Why is it important?

When your wheels are misaligned, it is a guaranteed unpleasant experience. Aligning wheels helps ensure that the car drives straight, further helping to improve even tyre wear as well as improving fuel efficiency. Failure to keep the wheels aligned could result in some costly damage. Essentially, your car would be driving in more than one direction if the wheels are misaligned!

How can I tell if I need a 4-wheel alignment?

If you are on a flat, straight road and don’t have a firm grip on the steering wheel, you will notice the car veering left or right. This is a common sign that the car needs the 4 wheels aligned. Uneven tyre wear or steering wheel shaking is another sign of an alignment problem.

How much does wheel alignment cost?

The average cost of wheel alignment in the UK is £34, this price will all depend on the manufacturer and model of your car. It can be difficult to find a garage that carries out wheel alignment, but not to worry. Here at MyCarNeedsA.com, we do it all for you! Enter your reg number today and we will gather quotes from local garages near you that offer a wheel alignment service.


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