What Engine Oil Does My Car Need?

Sep 8, 2020

What Engine Oil Does My Car Need?

There is no one size fits all for engine oil, and you can’t assume that the same oil used in your last car will work for this one. When topping up or carrying out an oil change, you need to make sure you used the right grade and specification.

How do I know what engine oil my car needs?

You will be able to find the list of specifications and grades of engine oil that are suitable for your car in the handbook and you should check this before buying or topping up your oil to get the right type. If you are struggling to find the oil your car requires, you can always ask a manufacturer’s dealer if they can supply you with it.

Why do I need to check my car’s oil level?

Don’t fall for the common misconception that if you have a more modern or brand new car that you don’t need to worry about the engine oil levels. It’s never been more important to check oil levels regularly and this is because extended service intervals or thinner, synthetic oils can all lead to higher oil usage.

A drop in engine oil levels can also do more damage, especially those with a smaller sump as oil spends less time recovering in the sump cooling down and hotter oil will break down and oxidise faster, leading to increased wear on the engine.

What is engine oil viscosity and how can I check this?

Oils will be graded according to their viscosity which indicates how thick or thin they are. Viscosity will change with temperatures, engine oils will be multigrade to help cope with different operating temperatures and additives will give the oil viscosity when it’s hot and another when it’s cold.

You can check the viscosity for hot and cold on the oil’s container, it will be marked with a code and the first part will be the cold temperature grade, and the second is the higher temperature grade. Again, you can refer to your handbook for the grades your car requires.

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