Don’t Skip That Oil Change!

Sep 1, 2020

Don’t Skip That Oil Change!

It’s no secret that your vehicle needs regular maintenance to keep it going, and while different vehicles need different levels of maintenance, one thing that stays the same for all is an oil change after 3,000-5,000 miles. No matter how tempting it can be to skip it just this once, here is why you should never skip it.

What do I need car oil for?

Everyone assumes that oil is needed to keep the vehicle running well, and while this is true, there is more to it than that. Cars need oil to lubricate the many components of the engine and help transfer the heat from the engine

Why you shouldn’t skip an oil change

Excess heat within the car’s engine

If you decide to skip an oil change, you need to be aware that this can lead to excess heat within the engine, as oil is designed to help keep engine temperature under control. If excess heat is allowed to build up, the engine won’t be able to run as efficiently. Over time, excess heat can also cause the engine to wear and warp, and the lack of lubrication will also cause the wear of other engine components

Thermal breakdown of oil

High engine temperatures will cause oil to break down, this is known as the thermal breakdown of oil. The oil loses its ability to lubricate the metal components of the engine, and this lack of lubrication will cause friction between the moving joints, causing engine parts to wear prematurely.

Oil has a limited amount of particles that it can harbor, so if you don’t change your oil regularly, the particles in oil settle leading to corrosion of engine components.

Sludge buildup in the engine

Another problem that can arise from skipping oil changes is a buildup of sludge in your car’s engine. Old oil will start to solidify and once this starts to build up in the engine, oil will no longer be able to flow freely within the engine. This will then lead to problems such as various components suffering oil starvation, resulting in major damage to the engine.

As a driver, you must be aware of the importance of oil and what the dangers are of skipping changes. It may seem harmless, but it can end up destroying your engine, leaving you out of pocket for a hefty engine repair bill. If you need to have your oil redone or have gone too long without a change and need an engine check up, you can find local, reputable garages with today!

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