Should I Get Those Small Rust Spots on My Car Fixed?

Oct 5, 2020

Should I Get Those Small Rust Spots on My Car Fixed?

As your car gets older, it’s likely that you will notice some small rust spots, but what do you do in this situation? Any noticeable rust can often be an indication of something more serious, and here is why getting any rust spots, both small and large, repaired ASAP is important for your car’s health.

Why do cars rust?

While rusting is more common for older vehicles, it can also happen to newer models too. Rust can occur when car’s are exposed to saltwater or road deicers during the colder weather conditions. Over time, the different chemicals and dirt will build up and cause the paint to weaken. Unrepaired scratches can also promote rust formation. When bare metal is exposed to different elements, it will start corroding due to a chemical reaction known as oxidation. Once that rust forms, it can spread and can even affect your car’s resale value. Rust is particularly common on the underside of your car and here is why you should protect the underside of your car from rust also.

Should I fix small rust spots on my car?

Small rust repairs work well when the damage is superficial and the corrosion hasn’t yet penetrated through to the metal. Car body shop repairs may offer a small rust patch fix if the rust has been caused by dents or paint scratches. They will firstly sand down the corroded area and surrounding paint, and coat the exposed metal with a primer. When the primer is then fully dried, the area will be repainted and the entire car will be waxed and polished.

How to stop my car rusting

As well as looking after the undercarriage of your car which is particularly vulnerable to rust, here are some other rust prevention tips to keep your car in good condition:

● Take your car for regular washes and also get your car undercarriage washed, especially during the colder months when your car is exposed to road salt

● Get any deep scratches or dents repaired promptly

● Keep your car clean and dry, as water is the number one enemy when it comes to rust formation

● Apply a protective coating

● Carry out regular car maintenance

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