My Car Needs A Full Service

Mar 11, 2020

My Car Needs A Full Service

It’s the one thing we all dread, a full car service. Your car needs to be serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and usually after a certain period and mileage. However, there are ways to tell if your car is in dire need of a trip to the mechanic. Here are five signs that your car needs a full service.

Check engine light

Nowadays, cars are good at telling us when they need to be looked at all thanks to their technology. If you happen to notice the yellow check engine light on your dashboard, this is an obvious sign that you need to get the car to the garage as soon as possible. A lot of cars also have a service light or warning that will appear when your next service is due.

Smoke coming from car bonnet

You should never see smoke coming from underneath a car bonnet, only minimal smoke should be emitted from the exhaust (and if you’re noticing a lot of this also, you need to get it looked at). Although water vapour white smoke is natural during the colder months, smoke from your bonnet can indicate an overheating problem with the engine. Excessive smoke from the exhaust can mean an oil leak or problem with the exhaust system.

Unusual noises

You know how your car drives and sounds better than anyone, so if you hear any unusual noises while driving, your car is trying to tell you there’s a problem.

Learn what is a full car service here.


When you spot a leak coming from your car, you need to get your car to a garage to be serviced as soon as possible. Leaks can be spotted by checking for stains or spills when you move your car from where you normally park. If you notice a dark coloured stain, that can mean oil or brake fluid leaks, or any unusual leaking from the exhaust.

Vibrating or pulling feeling when braking

This is a sign that you may have worn brake pads or discs, a possible suspension problem or steering issue. If this is happening, it is not safe to be on the road and you will need to have your car serviced as soon as you possibly can. Do not just jump to the worst conclusion as it can also be a sign of tyre wear. Check your tyres are at minimum the legal 1.6mm limit and if they have any uneven wear.

How much can I expect to pay for a car service?

In the UK, the average cost for a basic car service is around £125, however, this can be higher due to work that may need to be carried out on your car and what your mechanic charges for labour etc. If you’re struggling to find the best deal, you can enter your car reg number with and we will find quotes from local mechanics!


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