How to Replace Brake Discs

Mar 16, 2020

How to Replace Brake Discs

Brakes are vital to your safety on the road, so do not take any unnecessary risks with them. If you feel comfortable in doing so, then you can replace brake discs yourself with this guide. However, if you feel at all uncomfortable with the process, stop and get a mechanic to carry out the rest. Do not compromise the safety of yourself or others.

Step by guide on replacing brake discs

  • The first step is to loosen the nuts on the wheel of your vehicle before jacking up off the ground. Ensure you do this step before raising the car.
  • Once secure, take all wheels off completely to get full access to brake discs.
  • Some discs may be held on by callipers and you need to remove them from the bracket. The calliper may be bolted on so first thing to do is remove bolts.
  • Hang calliper away from discs to prevent restricting access.
  • Once the calliper is removed, take off the fixture holding the calliper in position. It will be held in place by 2/3 bolts, keep hold of these as you will need them at a later stage to put all back together.
  • Now that the above steps are complete you have full access to the brake disc and can remove the old one. The screws holding the brake disc in place can be tight which will take some work to get out.
  • With the screws finally removed, you can slide the old disc from its position. If it doesn’t shift easily straight away, you can use a hammer to lightly tap the disc to get it moving.
  • Now it’s time to carry out the above steps in reverse. If you are using the same screws from the previous brake discs, inspect them thoroughly for any wear and tear. If they look slightly worn, it is better to replace them rather than having to deal with more problems.
  • Bolt the calliper back into place and replace the wheel.
  • Repeat all steps for the brake discs you need to replace.
  • Test your brakes and make sure they are working as they should be. If for any reason you suspect the brakes are not working correctly take to a garage right away.

Brake disc replacement cost

If you do not feel confident carrying out the process yourself, the average cost of brake discs and pad replacement in the UK is around £180. Here at, you can get quotes from local and reputable garages in your area willing to replace brake discs.

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