What Does A Full Car Service Include?

Mar 11, 2020

What Does A Full Car Service Include?

Having your car serviced is important for many reasons, not only does it help to prevent issues from happening, but it can also help identify big issues early on. There is an overlap between servicing and an MOT test which is why many get confused. While a lot of your MOT is covered during servicing, it does not mean you should skip on your MOT, as both are vital to keeping your car safe on the road.

What is a car service?

A regular car service will check the condition of your car and will assess everything from general wear and tear to fluids, the engine, brakes and more. Each service will be different depending on what type of car you’re driving.

What does a full service include?

A full car service is going to involve 50 or more components, system checks and adjustments including:

  • An engine oil change/filter replacement
  • Checking coolant levels and hydraulic fluid
  • Checking the cooling system
  • Checking lights, exhaust, tyres, brakes and steering
  • Ensuring your engine is running at peak condition
  • Suspension checks
  • Battery condition check
  • Steering alignment

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How much can I expect to pay for a full service?

In the UK a full service is around £125 but can be more depending on whether your car needs attention and depending on what the garage charges for labour. It’s a good idea to shop around when servicing your car, and here at MyCarNeedsA.com, we can help you with that. If you want us to do the hard work for you, enter your reg number today!

Why should I get a full service?

  • Pay now, save money in the long run by detecting major problems before they start
  • A healthy car is more affordable to run
  • A car that is taken care of is likely to have a longer lifespan
  • Having a full car service history allows you to ask for more money (within reason) when it comes to selling your car


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