How to Prevent Your Car from Rusting

Jun 29, 2020

How to Prevent Your Car from Rusting

All metals have the potential to rust, and the metal on your car is not exempt from this. Corrosion on your vehicle can undermine the structural integrity and strength of the metal, all while creating an unsightly appearance. Not only does it look bad, but it can significantly reduce the value of your car when you go to sell it on or trade-in.

Once rust starts, it will continue to eat away at the surrounding metal becoming bigger over time, and depending on where it is located, it can cause major cosmetic and mechanical problems. Due to the nature of rust spreading so fast, it is important to prevent it in the first place. Here are our simple steps you can follow to ensure your vehicle remains rust free!

How do I prevent rusting on my car?

Keep it clean, wash your car regularly

We all like to keep the paint work and interior of our cars spotless, but what about underneath? If you spend a lot of time driving on gravel or dirt roads, the dirt collecting underneath your car will act as a moisture trap increasing the risk of rusting. When you wash your car, it is important that you thoroughly dry all wet or moist parts, moisture left on any metal surface has the potential to form rust.

You may think that bird droppings on your car are harmless, however, the organic compounds present in animal wastes can cause a chemical reaction on the clear coat of your car. So, if you spot any droppings do not wait several weeks before you wash it off!

Apply anti-rust treatments on your car

Modern cars nowadays will undergo an extensive anti-rust treatment before they are off the production line. Some manufacturers go as far as applying several layers of corrosion-resistant body paints on their vehicles. Some manufacturers apply phosphate conversion coatings, others use zinc coatings as its less expensive.

However, exposure to the elements of every day life can still eat away at the paint of the car which is why it is advisable to apply a coat of anti-rust treatment yourself, just make sure the car is clean before applying!

Perform regular inspections on your car

By going out to perform regular inspections for rust on your car, the best way to prevent rusting is to ensure you don’t have any to begin with. If you do happen to find any rust on your car, prevention must take a back seat to allow you to address the corrosion!

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