Can My Punctured Tyre Be Repaired?

Jun 29, 2020

Can My Punctured Tyre Be Repaired?

The last thing we want is to deal with a punctured tyre, and it’s certain to happen at the most inconvenient times. What can be even more frustrating is when the tyre that has picked up the puncture is brand new.

When a puncture occurs, it’s understandable that the first thing you will want to do is get it repaired rather than replace it, as tyres can be expensive! But can your punctured tyre always be repaired and when is this just not always possible?

Can my tyre be repaired?

Car tyres can suffer some degree of damage due to a puncture and the severity of the damage depends on which part of the tyre was punctured. The area where the puncture occurred will determine whether it can still be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

A punctured tyre is repairable if:

    1.The puncture is less than 5mm in diameter – If it’s relatively small then the puncture can be easily patched and sealed.

    2.The puncture occurred in the central portion of the tyre’s tread – If the puncture happened here, then the tyre can be fixed.

    3.The tyre has been punctured by a small object such as a nail or screw – Smaller objects cause small holes which lead to a slow puncture. They need to be fixed immediately as slow punctures can eventually result in blow outs.

A punctured tyre is not repairable if:

    1.The puncture is larger than 5mm in diameter – Tyres won’t be able to function correctly if the puncture is too big as too much air would escape.

    2.The tyre’s sidewalls are punctured – The sidewalls cannot be repaired as they are vital to the performance and structure of the tyre.

    3.There is internal damage to the tyre – If a puncture is too deep, it can cause damage on the inside affecting the tyres function and compromising the car’s safety.

If you have recently suffered a punctured tyre and are unsure of what to do, can help. We will gather quotes from pre-approved garages in your area who can carry out a small puncture repair or fit a replacement tyre. Get your quote!

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