How to Drive Safely on Icy Roads

Oct 27, 2020

How to Drive Safely on Icy Roads

Winter is a challenging time for drivers, the drop in temperatures brings hazardous driving conditions. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can prepare adequately and driving appropriately will help you to stay safe on the roads.

It’s important that as a road user, you avoid driving in these conditions unless your journey is essential, you must take great care and allow more time for your journey. Take an emergency de-icing kit and scraper, warm clothing, and other winter essentials in case your vehicle breaks down.

Before you set off…

● You need to be able to see, make sure all snow and ice has been cleared from your windows.

● Ensure that your lights and number plates are clearly visible and legible for other road users.

● Mirrors need to be cleared and windows must be de-misted thoroughly.

● Plan ahead - is your desired route clear of delays and are there any other severe weather conditions predicted?

How to drive in snowy or icy conditions

● Take care on the roads, regardless of whether they have been treated.

● Increase your stopping distance to be ten times greater than on dry roads.

● Pass vehicles spreading salt or other road deicers with care.

● Be prepared for road conditions to change over short distances.

● Listen in on the road and travel bulletins on local radio stations to get an idea of the conditions ahead.

What to do when on a road that has not be gritted

Your journey may require you to pass down roads that have not been gritted, leaving these roads extremely icy. Avoid any sudden actions as these can cause you to lose control.

● Drive at a very slow speed and in a high gear, accelerate and brake very gently.

● Drive slowly on bends as loss of control is much more likely. Brake progressively on the straight before you come to the bend and avoid sudden actions.

● Get an idea of the grip by choosing a safe place to brake gently, if your steering isn’t responsive, this is an indicator of ice and that your vehicle has a lack of grip on the road.

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