How much does it cost for an air con service and regas

Jul 11, 2019

How much does it cost for an air con service and regas

Your air con can lose charge every year, making it less efficient and in turn, making your car warmer. At, we’ve carried out some research so that you know what to expect when it comes to regassing your air con.

If you think your car needs an air conditioning regas, any good garage will carry out a check first. If the mechanic notices any issues then they’ll advise that you’ll need an air con service.

There is no point in regassing your air con if it’s got a leak, this needs to be fixed first otherwise the gas will just escape and be a waste. With our network of local garages will thoroughly check your air conditioning system before carrying out the air con regas.Get Quotes

What is an air con regas?

Every couple of years the refrigerant in your air con system will become very low and this causes your air con to produce warm air. The refrigerant will then need regassed or recharged, as well as a top up of the lubricant.

What does an air con service include

An Air Con Service consists of a check and service of the entire car air conditioning system. This means carrying out a check for leaks with either nitrogen or UV dye, a top-up of gas, a refrigerant temperature check and finally a check of all the major organs including the compressor, condenser, belts and hoses.

If you don’t service your air con every two years, your system becomes less effective and essentially begins to use more fuel. If the refrigerant is low, the engine has to work harder to cool the air down, therefore, using more petrol.

How much does an air con regas cost?

It’s difficult to give an exact cost for an air con regas as this can vary depending on mechanic, whether you have a leak and if you require a full service.

The rough average cost for an air con service and regas in the UK in 2019 is £59.32. The best way to find out he cost is to get an estimate for your exact make and model of car with local mechanics in your area.

Many garages in the garages can perform a free check on your air con if you are unsure whether it needs topped up or not. Just put your air con job on with and we will get quotes sent directly to you.

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