How Can I Reduce My Car Emissions?

Jan 15, 2020

How Can I Reduce My Car Emissions?

Nowadays, we all want to do our bit to create a greener environment, and one way we can achieve this is by reducing our car emissions. Not only are you helping the environment, but you can also achieve better performance and increased fuel economy, making your car cheaper to run!

While every car made in or after 1992 will have a Euro emissions standard, which classifies what emissions it produces in what quantities, these are based on lab tests and the actual ‘real-world’ driving emissions can vary significantly.

So, how can you do your bit to reduce your car emissions? We have picked our top 5 tips to help the environment!

1. Change to better fuels

A lot of people wonder if there is a benefit to paying more for premium fuels. These more expensive fuels are located alongside regular diesel and unleaded pumps, and are often labelled as ‘premium’, ‘super’, or ‘ultimate’.

These types of fuels are more expensive due to the active cleaning agents within them to remove dirt from the engine, helping to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Some drivers may even notice an increase in performance. The result will all depend on make, model and age of the vehicle, as well as how you drive and the type of journey you’re doing.

2. Change your air conditioning habits

We all have our own preferences for what the perfect cabin temperature is, but did you know that using the air conditioning is making your car work harder thus increasing vehicle emissions. Be sure to only use the air conditioning system at least once per week to prevent expensive repairs down the line.

3. Change the air filter

If an air filter is clogged up, the airflow to the engine will be reduced, leading to a multitude of issues. If your car’s engine can’t breathe, deposits are going to build up and cause premature wear and tear. Check the recommended service intervals for the optimum time to change the filter.

4. Change your driving style

Making small changes to your driving style will have a significant impact on the level of emissions. These changes can be changing gear earlier, not verging into the upper reaches of the rev range, slowing down and braking sooner reducing wear and tear and maintaining efficiency.

Find out more about how you can change your driving style in our blog: "How to Prevent Wear and Tear of your Clutch"

5. Avoid unnecessary driving

An obvious yet simple tip, but if you can avoid driving two minutes down to the local shop then do so! Why not walk or cycle? Or if you feel driving is essential, can you combine two/three journeys into one?

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