How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Air Conditioning Unit?

Nov 18, 2019

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Air Conditioning Unit?

AC condensers are an essential part of your car’s air conditioning system. An AC condenser transfers heat from the refrigerant to the atmosphere, therefore it’s comparable to your engine’s radiator insofar as function.

How does it work?

But how does it all work? Refrigerant will be pumping through the AC compressor into your car’s condenser as hot gas. The air flowing through the condenser cooling fins helps to reduce the temperature of the gaseous refrigerant. This refrigerant gas then condenses into a liquid, which is then metered by a valve into the evaporator in your car’s compartment located on the passenger side.

Once in the evaporator, the refrigerant boils back into a vapour because it’s absorbing the heat from your passenger compartment. The heat is then drawn into the low side of the compressor, where it compresses back into the condenser and the cycle then starts all over again.

Common faults in air conditioning condensers

If you think your AC condenser is failing, get it checked with a local mechanic. They will be looking for faults such as pinhole leaks, clogged passages or external damage to fins or tubes. This will then result in your air conditioning condenser needing to be replaced.

If you think you could handle the replacement yourself, be aware that your cars AC system is under very high pressure, and you could potentially be seriously injured if the process is not done correctly.

How much does air conditioning condenser replacement cost?

When searching for a mechanic to replace your AC condenser, note that they should have a licence, certification and highly specialised training to do this. Unfortunately, due to the complex replacement process, this usually reflects in the cost. In the UK the average AC condenser replacement part cost can be around £300-£400. Some cars may require extensive dismantling to gain access to the condenser so expect to pay anywhere up to or around £350 for labour on top of that.

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