Gear Box Repair Costs

Nov 9, 2020

Gear Box Repair Costs

Cars with automatic transmissions are more likely to fail than manual transmissions and when they do, they can be more costly to repair than a manual gearbox. As you may expect, the gearbox is one of the most expensive car parts to repair. If you have some tell tale signs that you are having problems with your gearbox, do not ignore them as these problems can be fatal.

Common signs your gearbox is failing

Dashboard warning lights

Warning lights on your dashboard appear for a reason, when suffering from gearbox problems you want to look out for the transmission temperature light indicating that your transmission is operating at a higher temperature. You can check your coolant and transmission fluid levels and restore them, but if this doesn’t solve the problem you need to get your car looked at by a professional mechanic.

Low fluid levels

One of the major causes of inadequate lubrication of moving parts is caused by under-filling, mixing, water contamination, incorrect specification and deteriorated grease or oil. Under-filling can lead to accelerated wear rates and component failure due to the coolant allowing overheating of oil and parts, along with metal-to-metal contact.


If your gearbox is failing, you may notice some light smells of burning odours in your vehicle telling you that the transmission fluid needs changed. If the fluid isn’t keeping the system properly lubricated, it can burn up. If you check the fluid and notice a burning stench then this is a sign the gearbox is nearly at the end of it’s lifespan.

Change in car behaviour

No one knows your car better than you do, so if you find the gears are changing out of the blue then you have a problem with the shifting. You may also hear a whine from the engine along with this. Delayed engagement of the gearbox is another sign that shouldn’t be avoided, if your car takes time before going into drive and moving forward, or going past the biting point and it still takes time to move off then this is a sign your gearbox needs repaired.

Average gearbox repair costs

In the UK, the average cost of a gearbox repair is around £390 and prices will differ depending on where you are and the local garages in your area.

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