Do I Need New Wheel Bearings?

May 26, 2021

Do I Need New Wheel Bearings?

Do I Need New Wheel Bearings?

If you fail to notice the telltale signs of worn out wheel bearings, then you could be at risk of losing a wheel when driving down the motorway at 70mph. We wish we were exaggerating, but it’s the truth. So not only are you putting yourself at risk, you’re also putting other road users at risk.

What are wheel bearings

Wheel bearings are important components of your car’s braking, steering and suspension systems and are what allows your wheels to turn.

The bearings will be tightly packed in a grease-filled, waterproof, sealed metal ring and will be located inside the hub of each of your car’s wheels. The wheel bearings are engineered to support the entire weight of your car.

Top warning signs that your wheel bearings need to be replaced


One of the typical sounds that comes with worn wheel bearings is squealing. The sound will intensify as your car picks up speed.


Clicking is another sound that you might hear as your car picks up speed which is telling you there could be a problem with the wheel hub assembly.


One of the most easily identifiable and common causes of a bad wheel bearing will be strange noises. It might be humming in some cases however this can also indicate problems with the tyres and other potential issues.

ABS failing

If you notice the ABS light illuminating on the dashboard, it could mean the wheel’s speed sensor is no longer operating, causing the ABS to operate sporadically.

Uneven tyre wear

If one tyre is wearing out faster than the other it could be an issue with worn wheel bearings or it could be due to one tyre having too much or too little pressure.

Pulling to one side

Worn wheel bearings may cause the vehicle to pull to one side when applying the brakes. The direction the vehicle pulls will tell you where the worn wheel bearing is located.

Steering wheel vibration

Bad wheel bearings also cause the steering wheel to vibrate and as you pick up the speed, the intensity of the vibration will also increase.

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