Diesel Particulate Filter

May 24, 2017

Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF is the abbreviated term for Diesel Particulate Filter which assists in the breakdown of soot and particles in diesel engine cars. The DPF filter works on reducing the CO2 emissions in all diesel engines so therefore is a vital organ and now a necessity when it comes to your cars MoT test.

A DPF filter is commonly thought of as a ‘soot trap’ which is effectively how a DPF operates. A DPF Filter traps and breaks down particle matter and also has a maximum capacity for holding the matter/soot and after a certain length of time the DPF Filter will clog up and will need a DPF clean.

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How Do I Know My Car Needs A DPF Replacement or Clean?

The dashboard should light up amber with a diesel particulate filter symbol (see below). This will happen when the DPF is full of soot, this will be the first indication that a DPF Filter will need cleaned or possibly replaced. Other signs include loss of engine performance and increased frequency of DPF regeneration cycles.

Diesel Particulate Filter

When the vehicle is going through the regeneration process you will be able to notice the cooling fans running forcefully, an increase in fuel consumption and a hot pungent smell coming from the exhaust. If your car has a stop start button in most models this will not work when the DPF regeneration is occurring.

Active and Passive Regeneration

There are two types of DPF regeneration, passive and active. Passive regeneration occurs in long distance journeys and when the car is driven at speed, this enables the engine to generate heat which as a result burns the particular matter out of the DPF. Active regeneration is when your engine sensors detect that the DPF is full it then forces the car into regeneration using fuel to heat the engine.

For DPF regeneration to work efficiently the car needs to be driven for around 15 minutes and at a high speed to allow the engine to heat up and begin the process of regeneration. This process is impossible for diesel car owners who do not commute at a distance and for those who do a lot of stop start driving. MyCarNeedsA.com recommend If you own a diesel car and this matches you’re driving commutes, to avoid clogging the DPF filter take your car for a drive on the motorway where you can reach 60mph for over 15 minutes which will clear out all the particle matter.

Why is a DPF Clean needed?

Aside from the point of the DPF clogging and causing damage to the filter, a lot more expensive engine damage can occur if the DPF is not cleaned. The engine will also lose horsepower and a lot more fuel will be used as a result of the engine trying to heat up and kick in the active regeneration process.

By having the DPF clean carried out this will restore the engine back to normal performance which overall benefits from fuel efficiency and less maintenance costs.

If you are considering a DPF Removal please note:

It’s illegal to remove a DPF filter from your vehicle, when removed the emissions from the vehicle are extremely harmful to the environment and besides this it is part of the MoT test for diesel cars.

If you have carried out a DPF removal on your car you can also invalidate your insurance meaning if you are in an accident and your car is badly damaged you may not be able to claim off your insurance.

DPF Filter Replacement

After time the filter efficiency will decease until regeneration will not be effective and the DPF filter cannot be cleaned anymore at this stage the DPF filter will need replaced. Having regular cleans will allow regeneration to take place and it will extend the life of the DPF, however eventually with high mileage a DPF filter replacement will be necessary.

If your car needs a DPF Filter cleaned, replaced or if you are interested in DPF replacement costs or DPF regeneration costs then why not try the MyCarNeedsA.com website today? Simply enter your registration and get quotes from local garages waiting to carry out your car repair work.

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